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Common Sounds and Noises in a Car Any Driver Should Not Ignore


When you are out there driving your car, there is a possibility that sometimes you may hear it producing some strange noise. Although most individuals at times may ignore such noises due to the assumption that they are indicators of minor problems, it is important to give them immediate attention as they may mean that your vehicle needs immediate attention. Thus, if you want to keep your car properly maintained so that it can serve you well into the future, it is important that you familiarize yourself with certain car noises that are indicators of serious problems.

Squealing sound

CarThe braking system of any vehicle is important as it is the one responsible for your safety on the road. This is the sole reason why you are supposed to ensure that your break is not only working effectively but soundly too.

The moment you hear a squealing noise coming from your brakes, then you know that you should act fast. The squealing sound is an indicator that your brake pads have been worn out. If they are truly worn out, it is possible for you to hear this, particularly when you are not using your breaks. Thus, it is advisable that you get your breaks checked by a technician immediately.

Ticking sound

Since it is a common happening that a vehicle engine can produce different noises at different times, it can be difficult for one to detect whether the sound being produced from the engine is normal or not. However, when you notice that your engine is producing a ticking sound, then you should take precaution.

A ticking sound indicates that there is something wrong with your oil system. This can only signify two things: one, that your car is not maintaining the desired oil pressure, or you are running low on oil. Thus, next time you hear a ticking sound from your engine, stop the car immediately and check the level of your oil. If the level is okay, then you are advised to take it to a mechanic to check and establish if the oil pressure is okay.

Hissing sound

This is one of the most dreading sounds that a driver can hear. If you have been in a car long enough, then you can testify that a hissing sound is an indication of a larger problem. When you notice a hissing sound from your car, then you should definitely know that its engine has overheated and that there is a possibility that the coolant is leaking. Thus, you are supposed to stop the vehicle and check under the hood. If there is steam being produced, then you should tow your car.


There are some noises that you will hear only when your car is turning. But in most cases, they signify that your steering column has a problem.…