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Beginner’s Guide to Buying the Best Mountain Bike

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The light bikes are likely to be cheap and not durable or durable and not cheap. You cannot have all the three qualities in one. You need to spend your money on getting light and durable bikes. You would not want to spend more money on repairs later. It is best for you to check the weight as the priority and then the durability.

New riders will realize that confidence is an additional quality you will need before you can buy the lightest pro bikes out there. However, following the three qualities will give you a good option for your budget. With a good research, you can get a mountain bike under 1500 with ease. Remember to leave enough money for your bicycle accessories and tools. Follow this beginner’s guide to buying the best mountain bike to make the best decision

Focus On Cross Country or Trail Bike

Bicycles come in different designs and fit different purposes. Some of them are crossovers and may not offer you what you need in an off terrain bike. You want to look at cross-country bike or a trail bike because of their target towards mountain biking. The cross-country one is lighter than the trail bike.


It would be the best choice when you want to commute through streets with the ruggedness of off-road options occasionally. You will not mind riding on dirt or uneven surfaces. The trail bike is for all tugged terrains.

Try Before Purchasing

Some pro-bike shops selling major brands will let you rent a bike and take it out on the trails. The chance lets you see what the real mountain bike should be all about and that gives you a real chance of knowing whether a particular type of bike is good for you. The size and the shape or other design features might still entice you, but you can reach an affirmation decision only after testing the mountain bike.

Check The Suspension Option

You can have a hard trail option with only the front suspension while the full suspension comes with both front and rear suspension. The best one for a beginner is the front suspension option since it will help develop your skill in maneuvering the bike.


Meanwhile, you will need to shift quickly to the full suspension option especially when you are showing full commitment to the sport. The full suspension will also be good when you want additional comfort for your leisure rides. It gives you better control when you are in very rough terrain that comes with obstacles.

Check the Price

The bikes range in different price categories depending on the one you like and the material used in its construction. Some price levels of bicycles that you need to be looking and their designs are crucial when you are buying the mountain bike for the first time. It might not be your first bike, but it would be the first pro bike you are considering for seriously going off terrain.

You may not need to spend too much money on a bicycle. Your skill level is still low, and that gives you limited options for maximizing the capabilities of the bike. You need an averaged priced bike that is light enough for you, and it will take you through several skills levels before you need to upgrade.