In a lot of real estate situations, a boundary survey is an extremely crucial tool. For those who don’t know, a boundary survey is a document that defines formally the boundaries of a property. This document should define clearly the corners of the land. It should indicate exactly where every edge of the property is located.  


Usually, the document is generated by an expert survey company that specializes in boundary surveys. The professional will utilize accurate software and tools to measure the land and generate the survey.  

What’s The Process Required to Finish a Boundary Survey? 

A surveyor will look for the corners of your property and put a market at every corner whenever you order a boundary survey. Typically, these markers are 2-foot wooden stakes or iron pipes. In addition to that, the professional might put flags at the borders of the property and will spray them with paint. This will make the corners visible. Furthermore, the surveyor will make note of any possible problems or encroachments with the boundaries. Lastly, in their survey drawing, the surveyor will include structures located currently on the property. This depends on the survey order.  

How Much Does This Service Cost? 

The answer to this question greatly depends on the scope of your project. Of course, bigger pieces of land and ones that are shaped oddly will need more work to prepare the survey. In addition to that, the property’s accessibility can also have an impact on the cost. The time of year when the survey is performed can also affect the cost. Finally, the cost can also be influenced by the purpose of the survey. The reason for this is that particular uses might need extra details on the survey.  

When Should You Get a Boundary Survey? 

There are a couple of occasions that warrant the need for a boundary survey. This includes: 

  • Land Improvements 

It is an excellent idea to finish a boundary survey first before you make landscaping improvements or add structures to a property. This will stop you from placing structures beyond your borders. Also, it might be needed for municipal regulations. This will help you show that you’re only improving your own land. 

  • Divisions of Parcel 

A survey will be required if you have to divide a piece of land. You can divide the land as precisely as required if you’ve got the drawing of the property. You can indicate the divisions in the survey.  

  • Buying Real Estate Properties 

It is a regular practice to order a boundary survey before you sell or purchase a piece of land. This is to make sure that everybody understands the boundaries of the property that’s transferring ownership. It will get rid of any doubts about where the property starts and ends. In addition to that, it can also identify any current problems of encroachments for structures, such as fences.  

Whenever you’re in need of a professional boundary survey, you need to hire an expert survey company. They’ll be able to offer accurate and precise surveys