If you want to memorialize your loved one for a lot of years, a headstone can greatly help. Aside from mirroring the personal tastes of the deceased, the design of a headstone should signify how they lived their life.  


You will be faced with a lot of questions whenever the time comes to look for headstones for sale. This includes what type of headstones are permitted? where do I start? and much more. In addition to that, it can be extremely stressful to make a choice during these hard times.  

Today, we are going to discuss the different types of headstones that can help you make a more informed decision. 

You have to decide first what images and text you should use whenever you’re choosing a headstone. Keep in mind that every letter counts and can greatly influence the result of the design. You will be left with limited options if you choose the headstone first without considering the text and images.  

Cremation Benches 

You can use a bench instead of a headstone. If you choose this path, you won’t need a concrete base. A couple of designs will hold the ashes of around 6 individuals. Oftentimes, cremation benches are utilized to improve the appearance of memorial gardens.  

Cremation Memorials 

This type of headstone is almost the same as an upright headstone. However, it will have containers for the ashes on either side. Typically, the container is made of hollowed granite. Usually, these cremation containers are separate from the headstone itself.  

Kerbed Headstones 

This type of headstone is a full-length headstone that lies flat at ground level. Kerbed headstones have ledger markers. They have at least 4 inches of width and offer more room for tailored expression. Aside from the traditional upright headstones, ledger markers can be used with bevel markers and slant markers.  

Flat Headstones 

Typically, this type of headstone is made from bronze or granite. It has flat markers and flat tablets. They can either be raised to a slant from the rear, such as bevel markers and raised-top flat markers or be flushed with the ground. Just like traditional headstones, flat headstones are available in a range of materials, sizes, finishes, and colors.  

Upright Headstones 

This is probably the most common type of headstone. Typically, they are made from limestone, marble, or granite and are fixed to the ground using a concrete base. Usually, they are around 6 inches deep, 30 inches wide, and 45 inches tall.  

How Much Does a Headstone Cost? 

It is hard to put an exact price on the cost of a headstone. The reason for this is that they’ll greatly differ according to the lettering, finish, material, size, and much more. Furthermore, the delivery fees can be extremely high. Aside from the fact that almost every memorial service will only deliver within a particular distance, a couple of colors of granite are only available in particular quarries. That’s why some headstones might have to be shipped from overseas. This will certainly add to the cost.